I am trying to purchase a membership but my payment has not been accepted.

We accept debit and credit card payments processed via Stripe. On occasion, payments may fail to process. The majority of the time this is due to your bank not authorising the payment. If your payment has failed, you can attempt to process the payment again using the same card, or try using a different debit or credit card.

We also accept payment via PayPal. We recommend trying to purchase using PayPal if you have been unsuccessful using your debit or credit card.

If both debit or credit card and PayPal payments are unsuccessful we are unable to assist further. This is beyond our control and you will need to discuss this with your bank.

I have purchased the wrong revision course or membership length.

Please Contact Us immediately and we will switch your membership as soon as possible.

I am unable to log in to my account.

There are a number of reasons why you may be having difficulty logging in to your account.

If you cannot log in to your account, please try the following steps:

  1. Check that your membership was definitely processed – you should have received a welcome email confirming your membership account has been created. This may be found in your junk/spam folder.
  2. Ensure you are logging in to the correct service – Primary Login or Intermediate SAQ Login.
  3. Ensure you are entering the same email address that you used to register your account.
  4. Ensure you are spelling your password correctly. Remember passwords are case sensitive.
  5. If you cannot remember your password, try resetting it using the “Forgotten password?” link on the login page. You will receive an email containing a link to reset your password. This may be found in your junk/spam folder.
  6. If you have tried the previous steps and find you are still unable to log in please Contact Us. Please provide us with as much detail as possible to describe the issue, for example the wording of any error messages shown. Screenshots of errors messages or other issues can be very useful to help us to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Some of the website content is not being displayed correctly on my computer or mobile device.

Our website has been designed to work on most modern browsers with reasonable internet connections. We recommend using Google Chrome.

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing or viewing aspects of the website we recommend:

  1. Trying an alternative internet browser
  2. Trying an alternative internet connection – some connections, especially hospital connections, filter certain content
  3. Trying an alternative computer or device

Unfortunately we are unable to account for all combinations of hardware, software and internet connection.

Please Contact Us if you are having technical difficulties with the website.

I am unable to copy and paste information on the website.

It is against our Terms and Conditions to make any copy of content contained within this website, electronic or otherwise.

The website is fitted with software to prevent copying. Any user found copying or distributing FRCEM Success will have their account suspended without refund and may be subject to legal proceedings.

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