FRCEM Intermediate Exams

The FRCEM Intermediate SAQ will be replaced by the MRCEM Intermediate SBA from September 2021 – find out more here

Exam Structure

The FRCEM Intermediate Certificate consists of the following components:

  • FRCEM Intermediate Short Answer Question (SAQ) Paper comprising of a 3 hour paper of 60, 3 mark questions.
  • FRCEM Intermediate Situational Judgement Paper (SJP) comprising of a 2 hour paper of 120 single best answer questions (SBAQ).

Subject to eligibility criteria, candidates will be able to apply and sit each component independently but, as each component tests different skills and knowledge, candidates are required to pass all components, no cross compensation is permitted.

FRCEM Intermediate SAQ Sample Questions and FRCEM Intermediate SJP Sample Questions are available on the Royal College of Emergency Medicine website.

Learn more about our FRCEM Intermediate SAQ Revision Course

Exam Content

The FRCEM Intermediate Certificate examinations are mapped to the competences of Year 1-3 of the RCEM Emergency Medicine 2015 Curriculum (ACCS Plus).

All applicants for the FRCEM Intermediate Certificate examinations are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the Year 1-3 competences in preparation for sitting the FRCEM Intermediate Certificate examinations.

The blueprint for the FRCEM Intermediate SAQ Examination is as follows:

  • Adult Presentations

    24 Questions

  • Practical Procedures

    12 Questions

  • Bear

    Paediatric Presentations

    11 Questions

  • Common Competences

    7 Questions

  • Bane

    Anaesthetic Competences

    4 Questions

  • Intensive Care Medicine

    2 Questions

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